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  • Why outsource your billing with APS Billing?
    The best reason is saving money! When using APS Billing you cut costs in several ways: - Save money on staff. We hire the experts to help you. That saves you money on hiring, training and retaining staff. - Save money on billing expenses. Paying for billing software and clearinghouse costs can be expensive. APS Billing includes that as part of our services. - Save time. We all know time is money. Calling insurance companies can be frustrating and time-consuming. Do you or your staff have time to waste by spending time on the phone? You should be taking care of patients. Let us do the rest!
  • How will using APS Billing improve my cash flow?
    APS Billing has a variety of client specialities that we handle. This keeps us on top of the latest changes. We do the research and make sure the claims go through right the first time. This in turn, gets you paid faster. We also stay on top of your claims by calling insurance companies to make sure that your claims get processed in a timely fashion. APS Billing offers verification services we make sure the information is correct from the beginning. This allows you to collect the patient insurance responsibility upfront and keeps you from chasing money!
  • How will using APS Billing improve your customer service?
    Insurance is frustrating to the best of us. Do you struggle to explain insurance to your patients? We don’t think you should have to. Your job is to treat patients. We are available to answer questions that your patient might have. This gives you a clear line between treatment and money.
  • Who does APS Billing serve?
    If you treat patients we can help you. We have many Mental Health clients and PT/OT/ST providers, but we also serve other specialties. We serve practices of all sizes. Contact us to see how we can help you.
  • How can you help my new practice?
    There is so much to do when you open a new business. If you want to take insurance in your new practice it can be daunting and time-consuming. APS Billing can help you by credentialing your practice so that you can be up and running with patients who are seeking your services.
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